The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The First Quarter” #9

The First Quarter Played in the Garden of Gethsemane


Before the Head Coach’s team took the field, he gave a “pep talk for the ages.” Part of it was spent in prayer, pretty intense prayer to say the least. The Head Coach was passionate and was in agony to the point his sweat was like droplets of blood (Luke 22:44) – Matthew 26:36-45 (the betrayal – 26:45-50, Mark 14:41-45, Luke 22:47,48, John 18:1-5), Mark 14:32-40, Luke 22:40-46


Before the kickoff, as they were running out of the tunnel, the world’s team hired armed gangsters who tried to kill the Head Coach, and they failed – Matthew 26:46-52, Mark 14:42-46, Luke 22:47-49, John 18:4-9 (The Head Coach speaks and the world’s team falls on their butts!)


The Head Coach won the coin toss and deferred to the 2nd half to receive the ball. He decided to go on defense first quarter to stop his opponent from scoring and on offense at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The world’s team received the kickoff and immediately went on the offense throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the word’s team


On their 1st series of the game, they came out throwing swords and staves (clubs), what a game plan! – Matthew 26:55,56, Mark 14:43,48, Luke 22:52, John 18:3 


The word’s team countered by cutting off the ear of the world’s team safety. The Head Coach called a time out and reattached the ear to the safety’s head – Matthew 26:51,52, Mark 14:47-49, Luke 22:49-51, John 18:10, 11


The Head Coach played the balance of the 1st quarter conservatively, not giving his opponent his best shot, which would have been using as substitutes 12 legions of angels (that’s 72,000) – Matthew 26:53-54


The intensity was fierce, by the end of the quarter all the players on the Head Coach’s team had left the playing field, leaving him to play the balance of the game by himself – Matthew 26:56 (they just quit), Mark 14:50 (they fled), John 6:61-71 (did the head coach have bad breath?)



The score at the end of the first quarter was the world’s team 14 and the Head Coach’s team 0. Would the world’s team shut out the Head Coach’s team? For the soccer (football), or cricket fans that means the other team doesn’t score any points!




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