The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Head Coach’s Fishing Trip” #18(Part 2)

"The Fishy Fishing Expedition"

The third time the Head Coach met his team they went on a fishing expedition. He surprised the team at the seashore of the sea of Tiberias. Why did he appear again? They knew and believed he had risen from the dead. His game plan for these appearances to his team was in two phases


The first was they had to believe he had risen from the dead, if they didn’t, then the second phase would have never happened!


Secondly, to fulfill making available the new birth after the day of Pentecost, they would have to carry out his instructions. He just knew they needed more coaching to go out and perform in the game of life


The Fishing Trip


Some of the members of the team were fishermen by trade and they returned to what they knew to make a living. They didn’t completely understand what the Head Coach wanted them to do. They didn’t see the positive effect they would have on mankind – John 21:1-3

  • In the morning as they were coming ashore the Head Coach met them, but they didn’t recognize him – John 21:4


  • He asked them if they had any fish to eat, and they said no, they had caught nothing – John 21:5


  • Then he taught them how to fish, and where to cast the net, which they did reluctantly – John 21:6


  • Now the haul of fish was immense, and finally, they dragged the nets to the shore. When Peter recognized it was the Head Coach standing on the shore, he stripped off his clothes and swam about 200 cubits (100 yards) to the shore- John 21:7, 8


  • When his team finally reached the shore, the Head Coach had already prepared dinner and was cooking the fish that they caught, along with providing bread out of thin air, the sea doesn’t produce bread – John 21:9


  • Peter counted 153 great (that’s big!) fish, and the nets didn’t break They ate together and broke bread. The Head Coach tried to teach the team about his body that was shed for the upcoming new birth – John 21:10-14


Before the game of life started the Head Coach closed his teaching calling out Peter, who later would be the leader of the team after the day of Pentecost – John 21:15-19


  • He asked Peter three times, do you love me more them the other members of the team, the first time he said if you do feed my lambs (males). The second time, he said feed my sheep (females), by the way, there is no third gender!


  • Peter’s answer the first time was, “yes Lord.” The second time he said, “yes Lord, you know I love you,” and the third time he was grieved that he kept asking him, “Lord you know all things and you know I love you”


  • Remember when Peter had said he wouldn’t deny the Head Coach, but he had – Matthew 26:33-35 (he would rather die), 26:58,69-75(he denied him three times of knowing him and cursed!)


Then Peter changed the subject and looked at his teammates and asked the Head Coach who betrayed him? – John 21:20-23

  • Peter continues, what are you going to do to him?


  • The Head Coach answered Peter, telling him it is none of your business, If I would want him to live, he could also receive God’s Spirit on or after Pentecost. Judas being the teammate that betrayed him, committed suicide before he had the chance to be part of the great team of having eternal life!


The Head Coach didn’t appear to his team after this point. He knew his team was game time ready to carry out the game plan that would make available the new birth to mankind starting at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost!


One astounding thing happened before his take-off, he had taught them everything they needed to know about the day of Pentecost becoming a reality. Then they ask the Head Coach if he was going to restore the kingdom to Isreal at this time, which means they still didn’t understand the new birth would be available to “all people of the Earth” not to just one nation – Acts 1:6, 7(Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:8)


The last post of the series is about how the team carried out the game of life


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