How Israel(IDF) can defeat Hamas – Part 1

The very existence of Israel as a nation lies in the balance


There was a discussion between God and Abraham that is hard to believe happened. The importance of this verse sets the stage for how the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)  defeats its enemies today 


After these things, the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward – Genesis 15:1

God came to Abraham in a vision and opened their conversation by telling him three things. First, Abraham had to obey and not have fear. In the last two, he had to accept as truth in believing God was his shield and his rewarder about his future and how he would affect humanity!


Here are a few examples of how fearful thoughts affect believing God’s words in any situation. It is the first of the three, but if not met, you don’t go to the second


Fear not; What if Abraham had become fearful and didn’t believe God’s words about future believers (his seed- Gen 15:2-6)? Would the day of Pentecost still have come to pass?

  • David prayed to God to preserve him from fear of his enemy – Ps 64:1

  • The first thing God mentions after he makes himself known to Abraham is fear not – Mt 1:20(Angel of the Lord told Joseph), Mt 28:5(Angel told women Jesus had risen) – Lk 1:11-13(Angel told Zacharias), Lk 1:28-30(Angel told Mary), Lk 2:9,10(Angel told the shepherds), Lk 5:10(Jesus told Simon-Peter)

  • A bi-product of fear not is to believe the information that will follow – Lk 8:50(Jesus told the father to believe only, then his daughter was raised from the dead)

  • It is also called a spirit of bondage to fear – Rom 8:15

  • God does not give believers a spirit of fear but gives a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind(whole thoughts) – 2 Tim 1:7

  • The ultimate fear is death, which keeps believers under bondage – Heb 2:15

  • There is no fear when you live life in God’s perfect love, which is the right standard for living life; it destroys fear – 1 Jo 4:18


Jesus and the twelve faced a similar situation in war-like conditions. The twelve were rowing a boat across the sea of Galilee (approximately 6 x 10 miles, and deep enough to drown 2000 swine-Mk 5:13) – Mt 14:22-33, Mk 6:45-52, Jo 6:16-21

  • Jesus asked the 12 to take a boat and row across the Sea of Galilee(also called the Sea of Chinnereth) – Mt 14:22-33

  • A situation arises, and they are ambushed by the enemy, here by a great wind(Jo 6:18), putting their lives in parallel. They now had to act on the spur of the moment to save their lives – 14:24

  • Jesus sees the problem and takes the shortest path possible to take care of the enemy by walking on the water to the boat – 14:23-25

  • He gives orders not to be fearful because the 12 were mentally troubled, frozen, and unable to take any action to save their lives – 14:26,27

  • During this attack, Peter asks a stupid question, asking Jesus if he could walk on the water to meet him, not to attack the enemy(the wind) -14:28-30

  •  Peter was successful for a couple of steps; then fear caused him to start to sink – 14:31-34

  • Jesus saves Peter first, then defeats the enemy by calming the wind(Mk 6:51). When his foot touched the boat immediately, the boat was on the other shore where they were going(Jo 6:21)

  • To be victorious, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) need to operate in like manner


On the battlefield, the conditions can change instantly. The stakes are high, a life-and-death situation at a moment in time. How each side reacts to these changing circumstances decides the battle’s outcome; you either execute God’s will or you don’t. What lies in the balance in the war between Israel and Hamas is not just a victory or a defeat but the very existence of the nation of Israel!

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Why is this post considered child abuse and child mutilation?


The atrocities of Hamas, and the longer this war goes on, the more children will be hurt or killed. This child abuse is barbarism on steroids 


The quicker the IDF can end this war with God as their enforcer will save many children in that region on both sides from being destroyed!

Our mission started trying to shed light on issues like “Critical Race Theory” in our schools and expose organizations that promote gender-affirming surgery (GAS) that pose a threat to our cherished beliefs that are destroying our children, which is their goal! Your generous donation will help us expose organizations promoting these harmful ideologies (Please donate to support our cause)


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