The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Fourth Quarter” #13

The 4th Quarter was played out in Golgotha, a place of a skull (place of death)


The Head Coach was mentally and physically beaten, tortured, and killed. This must have caused him unimaginable mental stress knowing he was going to have to die to free both teams from their sin nature caused by the first player-coach, Adam!                                 


The Mental Beating


  • The world’s team tried to afflict, humble, and oppress the Head Coach – Isaiah 53:4, 7


  • The Head Coach mentally dealt with his word’s team fans, knowing he would die to set them free from their grief (sicknesses) and sorrows (infirmities, pains) – Isaiah 53:3, 4, 10


  • He was despised, and rejected by the world’s team fans, including the Pharisees, part of the religious elite – Isaiah 53:3, John 1:10, 11, 8:48(they thought he was possessed – 10:20), Matthew 10:22 (the Head Coach and his team were hated – 24:9, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17, John 15:18)


  • He understood at some point he would have to die to make available to mankind God’s peace, paying the price and being punished severely for their unsound minds (chastisement – 53:4,5)      


  • He didn’t answer the trash-talking of the world’s team religious elite, as they built their case to assassinate him – Isaiah 53:7, 1 Peter 2:22, 23         


The Physical Beating


  • The Head Coach would be beaten beyond recognition, even the world’s team was stunned when they look at him, he was unrecognizable, yet mentally the head coach dealt with it and called the next play – Isaiah 52:14(50:6, 53:2, 3)        


  • He would be wounded (pierced, external bleeding) for our transgressions (revolt or rebellion, Adam’s fall) – Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:22-25 (Would lead to all teammates being healed, if they believe in the ‘Head Coach”)


  • He would be bruised (beaten, internal bleeding) for mankind’s iniquities (internal sin, perverseness) – Isaiah 53:5,10,11


  • This refers to man’s sin nature caused by Adam’s sin of disobedience which was passed upon all the teammates – Romans 5:12


  • To stop him from scoring and to take him out of the game permanently they pierce his hands and feet, with their ultimate goal of nailing him to a cross – Psalm 22:16-18, John 19:31-37


The world’s team called their last time out with only 2 minutes to go in the game, that is good clock management. They were close to their goal of killing the Head Coach, the clock was on their side. The score remained the world’s team 21, the word’s team 14


The last 2 minutes of the game would change the history of mankind forever, stay tuned

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