The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Third Quarter and the Pilate Thing” #12

The 3rd quarter was played on the grounds of the Governor, Pontius Pilate


The world’s team substituted their starters with backups, giving the starters a well-earned break. The backups were a band of Roman soldiers made up of 400-600 men (Matthew 27:27– the 10th part of a Roman legion), a tad more than the 11 starters


As we mentioned before, the Head Coach won the coin toss (He called Heads). He deferred to the 2nd half to receive the ball and went on offense. The world’s team was now on defense and their goal was to take the Head Coach out of the game since he was the only member of the word’s team left to compete in the game


Their game plan was simple, they plotted to kill him by any means possible, so he couldn’t complete the game, which would insure them of the victory – Matthew 27:1,20-25, Mark 15:13-15, Luke 23:21-23, John 18:14, 29-32,19:6,15,16


During the halftime break, the world’s coaching staff infiltrated the Head Coach’s locker room. To put a label on it, let’s call it “Judas Gate.” Many of you might remember “Spy-Gate,” when the NFL caught the New England Patriots illegally videotaping coaching signals of the New York Jets, a scandal the media called “Spy Gate.” Will cover the whole scandal after the game ends – Matthew 27:3-10



Let’s get to the play-by-play, as the 3rd quarter plays out


They brought the Head Coach to Pontius Pilate, who was the head referee in the 3rd quarter. He wanted to call penalties on the world’s team ownership, but he was paid off with a bribe, so he didn’t


The head referee asked the Head Coach many times if he was the Head Coach or the king of the Jews – Matthew 27:11-14, Mark 15:1-5, Luke 23:1-5, John 18:28-38, 19:6,9-16


The head referee went to instant replay to see if a penalty should have been called. Herod, the head of the replay decided the Head Coach wasn’t worthy of death and sent him back to Pilate after reviewing the play – Luke 23:6-15


The custom on the day the BCS College Football Championship Game (the Passover feast) was played was to free a criminal. Pilate wanted the Head Coach freed, but the fans stirred up by the world’s team ownership wanted him to free Barabbas a murderer. Pilate caved and released the murderer- Matthew 27:15-26, Mark 15:6-15, Luke 23:16-25, John 18:39, 40


Going in for the kill, the world’s team scourge(whipped), mocked, beat, spit on, and hammered a crown of thorns into the head of the Head Coach, but he didn’t leave the game – Matthew 27:26-31, Mark 15:15-20, Luke 23:1-25, John 19:1-6


Nobody scored in the third quarter, so the score remained the same, world’s team 21, and the word’s team 14


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