The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Post Game Press Conference” #16

"The Victory"

It’s important to understand we have four Gospels that refer to the resurrection of the Head Coach. How the post-conference played out in real-time is a mixture of these four records, one fascinating chronological sequence!


Again, the female cheerleaders lead the way, they showed up early the next morning at the tomb, and the Head Coaches’ teammates were still nowhere to be found


Their game plan was to roll away the big stone that blocked the entrance of the Head Coach’s tomb, but when they got there, the stone was already rolled away – Mark 16:2-4, Luke 24:1-4 (added the body was gone)


Now the details of all hell breaking loose started to unfold

  • First, there was a great earthquake – Matthew 28:2
  • Then an angel descended from above, opened the tomb, and sat on the rock – Matthew 28:2
  • The world’s team guards became like dead men when they saw the angel who looked like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow – Matthew 28:3,4
  • The owners of the world’s team were told what happened by some of the men that were guarding the tomb. They did what normally takes place today: miss information, spin, and coverup. Money was involved, but this coverup didn’t work – Matthew 28:11-15


Mary Magdalene was the head cheerleader, out of whom the Head Coach had cast out 7 devils – Mark 16:9, John 20:1, 11-18

  • She was the first to come to the Head Coach’s tomb early the next day
  • She talked with the two angels, asking them where they took the body – John 20:12,13
  • As she was talking to the angels the Head Coach appeared behind her. She originally thought he was a gardener when she saw him – John 20:14, 15
  • The Head Coach spoke to her and asked why she was crying, she answered and asked him where they took the body – John 20:15
  • Then he called her Mary, and then she knew he was the Master Head Coach calling him Rabbani (meaning master)- John 20:16
  • He told her not to touch him, why? In Matthew 28:9 the cheerleaders held him by his feet. There was a point in time when he ascended to his Father, then came back to earth between talking to Mary and meeting the other cheerleaders. My mind goes to a superman flying around the universe with his head cheerleader, Lois Lane – John 20:17
  • She then told Peter first in John 20:2-10, then the other ten teammates in Mark 16:10, 11 that she had seen and talked to the Head Coach. One would think they would have been cheering, not these teammates, they called her a liar and didn’t believe her


Peter visited the tomb of the Head Coach two times and still didn’t believe he had risen from the dead!

  • The first was after Mary told him he was alive. He and another disciple ran to the tomb to see if it was true, they looked in saw the linen cloths, and left wondering. Wondering and believing what? – John 20:2-10
  • They believed he wasn’t there, but don’t think they believed he was raised from the dead. John 20:9 says they didn’t believe the Head Coach when he told them he would be raised from the dead. Then they just went home! – John: 20:2-10


Between Peter’s first and second visits to the tomb, the angel delivered the punch line talking to the cheerleaders that changed history, “The Head Coach had risen from the dead.” – Matthew 28:5,6, Mark 16:5,6, Luke 24:5-8 (Angels added, why to seek the living among the dead, he has risen, don’t you remember he told you he would rise?)


His cheerleaders were told by the angel to go tell his team that he was now alive. They must have been in shape because they ran to their teammates with the good news – Matthew 28:7,8, Mark 16:7,8 (they entered the tomb), Luke 24:3-9

  • As they were on the way to tell his teammates the Head Coach met the cheerleaders and gave them a pep talk. He told them where he wanted his team to meet him (Galilee) – Matthew 28:9,10
  • When the cheerleaders met up with the team and told them the Head Coach was alive and some still didn’t believe – Matthew 28:10, Mark 16:10,11, Luke 24:9-11, John 20:18
  • Then Peter’s second visit was after the other cheerleaders told the eleven disciples that He had risen from the dead. He again saw the linen cloths there, but no Head Coach and wondered if this did come to pass that he rose from the dead? – Luke 24:9-12


The Head Coach now appeared out of thin air to two men, one named Cleopas as they were walking to a town called Emmaus. Later they told the eleven teammates he was alive, and they didn’t believe them either – Mark 16:12,13, Luke 24:13-35


Consider the exchange between the Head Coach and two fans. At this point, he had risen from the dead, but hadn’t ascended to his Father

  • The Head Coach could change form, and people could communicate with him. As they talked with him, they called him a stranger not knowing it was he that had been killed – Luke 24:15-18
  • Then he asked the two what had happened and they told him, still not knowing who they speaking with: They had to be disciples of the Head Coach because they knew the cheerleaders who were part of the same team – Luke 24:15-24
  • He then called them fools and asked them why they hadn’t believed in the Head Coach, referring to himself while he was alive. Then he taught them about the redeemer of mankind from Moses on, and they still didn’t recognize him – Luke 24:25-27
  • As it was getting late, they ask him to stay for dinner and the Head Coach accepted their invitation – Luke 24:28, 29
  • The Head Coach blessed and broke bread and gave it to them, at that exact point in time they knew who he was and he vanished out of their sight – Luke 24:30,31


At the Head Coach’s last supper before his death, he taught about his body and his blood, referring to him dying for mankind. Interesting note, the two fans had to know of this meal because when he broke the bread, they knew it was him! – Matthew 26:26-28, Mark 14:22-24, Luke 22:19, 20


The next post deals with the Head Coach meeting up with his team face to face and there still was one “Doofus” that didn’t believe it was him


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