WARNING: Does the Catholic Church Hate Child Abuse, Child Mutilation (GAS), and Love Drag Shows for Kids?

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Example: The Catholic Church supports and has approved Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, which lists all the “Gender Affirming Services they perform on their website (View their menu of child mutilation)


How could any parent allow their child to endure these brutal atrocities that permanently deform their bodies? Below is an example of one of our campaigns  




Does the Catholic Church Hate Child Abuse and Child Mutilation? 

Do they love Drag Shows for Kids, CRT, and Multiple Genders? 

Do they think God’s original plumbing for man and woman was imperfect? If your answer is yes, then do not read on 

Once you cut off the plumbing, you can never reattach it to work like the original! 



Posts on the Catholic Church’s involvement with child abuse and gender mutilation 


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