The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Preparation for the Post Game Press Conference” #15

The preparation for the post-game press conference


The preparation for the post-game press conference


The women cheerleaders played an important part in preparing for the press conference. In history many times women are the game-changers. After the death of the Head Coach, they swung into action. Where was his team? They left the playing field and didn’t show up for the press conference. Just think of it, his main players, the twelve he lived with just left! They must have thought the Head Coach wasn’t the Head Coach


“Head Coach of life”!


The cheerleaders follow from afar noting what the world’s team was doing with the Coach’s body – Matthew 27:55,56, Mark 15:40,41,47 (they saw where he was laid),16:1 (wanted to anoint him, for the tomb was still open) Luke 23:49,54-56 (they came with Joseph to bury the Head Coach)


They witness Joseph of Arimathea when he begged Pilate for the body of the Head Coach and prepared him for burial and buried him in his tomb – Matthew 27:57-60, Mark 15:15:43-46, Luke 23:50-54, John 19:38-42 (Nicodemus was with Joseph and help to bury the Head Coach)


Probably the woman took part in the preparation of his body, being present at the tomb – Matthew 27:61, Mark 16:1, Luke 23:56


The world’s team management paid money to secure the tomb and didn’t want anybody stealing his body and saying he was alive – Matthew 27:62-66


The cheerleaders followed the corpse of the Head Coach to the cemetery, they were there when the tomb was sealed as the world’s team guards took over to guard the tomb, so no one would steal his body and they were there the next morning when all hell broke loose at the press conference!


Next up is the post-game press conference, when it was over, it did result in changing mankind forever!

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