Using God's Spirit to Heal
(The Mind of Christ)

The New Spiritual Mind Study Guide


When we utilize the mind of Christ, we have the potential to control our minds the same way JC did. Man averages 2000 thoughts daily and JC controlled all of them: man’s best was tested at 1200 out of 2000. How many do we control as sons of God?

What is the potential of living today with the mind of Christ:

Our minds are made the same way Jesus’ mind was made physically, we can do it-1 Cor 2:16
We can think the same thoughts (the word “mind” is thoughts) as Jeus did-Phil 2:5
This mind can control its thoughts in any situation, as Jesus did, even when they crucified him-1 Peter 4:1

What is the living mind of Christ capable of doing in this evil and the perverse world:
Using God’s wisdom to spiritually discern and judge all things to do God’s will, not man’s-1 Cor 2:5-15,
Our wisdom stands in the power of God, not man’s wisdom-2:5
This wisdom is revealed unto us by God’s spirit, not the world-2:10,11
God gives His wisdom freely to us and teaches us this wisdom-2:12,13, Col 3:16, Heb 8:10,10:16
A person who doesn’t have God’s spirit won’t receive His wisdom-2:14
This wisdom can judge all things (situations, people & spiritual power) because God can judge all things-2:15
We are to be wise and understand what God’s will is for our lives-Eph 5:17
We use God’s wisdom concerning good which makes us simple (not being harmed by evil)-Rom 16:19
We can approve things that are excellent by using God’s knowledge and judgment in all things-Phil 1:9,10
When dealing with people we can spiritually discern their thoughts and intents to take the right action-Heb 4:12
It can be in agreement and in obedience to God and His will for living life-Phil 2:1-8
Able to be likeminded with other likeminded believers, not unbelievers-2:2
Allows your actions to be without strife or vainglory (vanity)-2:3
Allows you to look at others’ needs rather than your own-2:4
When we have this mind we agree with God, and are not concerned with what the world thinks-2:6
JC is our example of how to live life, except he did it unto his death and we don’t have to do the same-2:7,8
Living the balance of our lives in the will of God,-1 Peter 4:2-11
The world’s walk today is the same as it was then, doing the will of the Gentiles (unbelievers, liberals today)-4:3
They lived in the flesh (world) according to the lusts of men-4:2
Living in lascivious (greed), lusts, excess of wine, reveling, banqueting, and abominable idolatries-4:3
God calls it an excess of rioting, they don’t understand why we don’t want to join them-4:4
When we don’t join, they speak evil of us, look at politics today and the liberal view of control (socialism)-4:4

The Godly life includes:
Living according to God in the Spirit-1 Peter 4:6
Having a sober mind and watching unto prayer-4:7
We do God’s love which is His right actions among ourselves, not the unbelieving world, and it covers our errors-1 Peter 4:8
Be hospitable one to another without grudging (murmuring)-4:9
We are to administer the gift of the Holy Spirit one to another according to God’s ability, not ours-4:10,11
When speaking it is God’s ability, or as God would speak, in the situation-4:11
In all things that we do it should glorify God thru JC, who has dominion forever, Amen (we believe)-4:11
In dealing with this evil world and all the information and control it puts on living life, we can spiritually discern between what is good and evil-Heb 5:14
We learn to hate evil and cleave to the good-Rom 12:9
Train our minds not to be overcome with evil when we deal with it, but overcome it with good-Rom 12:21
We use God’s wisdom concerning good which makes us simple (not being harmed) by evil-Rom 16:19

What should this mind of Christ think in dealing with every situation we face:

Thinks things according to or after the Spirit of life, which produces a peaceful healthy life-Rom 8:4-7, Phil 4:7
When we don’t think this way it produces an unpeaceful life that causes ill health, heartaches, death-8:6
When we do not think evil, it produces the right actions in our lives, which is doing the love of God-1 Cor 13:5
We think according to the gift (HS), with a renewed mind that is not conformed to this world-Rom 12:1-3
But with a mind that proves what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God
Thinking that money will take care of all our problems is trusting in uncertain riches, not God-I Tim 6:17
Our thoughts should be trusting in God who gives us richly all things to enjoy
Anxious thoughts destroy the prosperity and blessing that God promises in His word-Phil 4:6
It’s God’s peace that keeps our minds from being anxious; why it works only God knows-Phil 4:7
What stops anxiety is thinking about what God says to do and doing it. Phil 4:8
What the world says may or may not be true from sources of the media
Think about honest things in a situation, not dishonest things that have no profit in your life
Think about things that are just, and right according to the word, not things like what Mickey Mouse says
Think about pure things, the opposite of thinking evil, which is facing a situation from what is good
Think about lovely things, so you can make the right decision and action in any situation
Think of things of good report, which produce words that edify other people not tear them down
If your thoughts are on the past and the future, you will miss how to deal with life now: not good-Phil 3:13

What should the focus of mental thinking be:
Every moment of your awake hours understand that you should have no confidence or trust in the flesh-Phil 3:3,4
We set our mind on the things above, just as Christ who is seated on the right hand of God-Col 3:1,2
We allow God’s wisdom to dwell in us richly, 100% of the time teaching us to deal with life’s problems-Col 3:16
If we stay our mind on God all the time because we trust him. He will then  keep us in perfect peace-Isa 26:3
Control all our thoughts as Christ did, knowing the difference between God’s and the world’s-2 Cor 10:3-13
Christ didn’t war (emotional warring) in his mind after things of the flesh-10:3
We understand to do this our weapons are walking by the spirit of God, not the flesh (world’s info)-10:4
He did this by knowing all worldly imaginations and all things that weren’t the word-10:5
This takes not looking at things after their outward appearance (5 senses), Christ didn’t-10:7
Don’t compare yourself to others, run with the crowd (be numbered with), instead live by the Spirit-10:12,13

Whenever we need it, we can receive information from God, but we also need to be focused so that we don’t miss it:
Using the spiritual gift of the Holy Spirit establishes our lives, not the world, liberalism, or social media-Rom 1:11
This mind is always looking for God to reveal information to us-Phil 3:15
Receive this info through the mind via thoughts-A 10:1-7,10-20,30-32,11:5-10,13,14
We can ask God to reveal His wisdom to us-Jam 1:5-8
There are nine operations of the Holy Spirit, ways of using God’s information for our profit-1 Cor 12:4-11,1 Tim,14,15
Understand we are to use this gift (HS) being enriched in all our words and God’s knowledge-1 Cor 1:4-7
In the church as a body of believers, there are apostles, prophets, teachers, healers, helpers, governments (people that give guidance), people that speak in tongues and interpret-1 Cor 12:28-30,1 Tim 4:14, 2 Tim 1:6
In the church using the gift makes our mind, powerful, loving and sound, not fearful-1 Tim 1:6,7
Living in the spirit gives us life and peace, the world has died with an unpeaceful life-Rom 8:6-9

How to develop a Godly conscience, which is your mental habit pattern in living life:
A good conscience believes in God’s word, not the world’s information from all sources.  The result is a pure heart with the right actions (charity)-1 Tim 1:5
Hymeneus & Alexander made a shipwreck of their conscience and were delivered over to Satan-1 Tim 1:19
A pure conscience won’t turn to evil in any situation it may be faced with-Heb 10:22
It holds the mystery, the new birth now available to the Gentiles and Jews-Eph 3:2-6,1 Tim 3:9
It serves God with a positive mind about other believers, thinks the best, not the worst-2 Tim 1:3-8
It provokes believers to love (right actions) and to do good works-Heb 10:22-25
It is pure and good- Heb13:18, I Peter 3:21
Without control can be bad-Heb 10:22, I Tim 4:2, Titus 1:15

How the heart (innermost part of the mind) is guarded:
In all things (times and situations)-Phil 4:5-7
It asks God for the answer
It asks God for unknown information
It knows the right answer will come (see focus)
Makes its conscience pure-I Tim 1:5
Doesn’t hold in mind vain janglings-1 Tim 1:6
Believes right information-Heb 10:22
A pure heart (the innermost part of the mind) loves and right actions result in -1 Tim 1:5
Decision making and asking for future direction-Acts 27:10,21-25,31, Phil 3:15

It’s not possession and offers protection:
Handles the devil’s attacks and temptations rightly, get behind me Satan-Mt 4:1-11, Lk 4:1-13
Jesus handled two crazy and possessed men in a cemetery-Mt 8:28-33
Possession can cause blindness and dumbness-Mt 9:32-33,12:33
Causes mental problems and can drain you physically-Mt 15:22-28, Mk 7:25-30
Peter got possessed, so it can happen to anybody, we are in control not to be-Mt 16:22,23, Mk 8:32,33, Lk 22:31,32
Causes epilepsy, physical injury-Mt 17:14-18, Lk 9:37-42
Can quote scripture and God’s truth-Mk 1:23-27, Lk 4:33-35, Acts 16:16-18
Can remove the word from your mind-Mk 4:15
Can causes you to injure yourself-Mk 5:2-13
Can cause death-Mk 9:17-24, Acts 5:1-11
Can give great strength-Lk 8:27-33, Acts 19:13-16
You sell out your friends for money-Lk 22:1-6, Jo 13:21-30
We were delivered from it-I Cor 7:5,2 Cor 2:11
We all are influenced by it-2 Cor 12:7,1 Th 2:18,1 Tim 5:15
We are in control of our thinking like JC did in all situations, including death-2 Cor 10:3-5, Heb 12:3,4
Emotional thinking about any situation we are faced with can lead to bad results in our lives-Heb 12:2,3
When we are not in control of our thinking, usually we don’t know we are or won’t admit it-Heb 12:5-11
The problem is we still suffer the consequences of it mentally and physically when we don’t correct our thinking
We need to be honest and live with the mind of Christ which protects us from bad circumstances we face
Do we want to be responsible for our problems and solve them or just live with them, smiling as we go down?

Parts of the mind for which the believer is responsible:

Thoughts and thinking:
This is controlled by the person and then the word dwells in that person’s mind which can change a bad conscience to a good one, then his thoughts and automatic actions become the word’s way of living life. You can only control how you think and what information you decide to store in your mind, God does the rest by filling in the blanks-1 Cor 12:4-11

Is what is in the mind from the past, your mental thinking habits. It responds in thoughts and actions: it is the real you and seems right to your mind. Your conscience is changed from bad to good by controlling your thoughts, either accepted as the word or rejected as worldly information.

Do circumstances control our thinking and actions?

Is closely related to your conscience when it comes to your automatic thoughts and actions. This is what the
the word calls issues of life.

The Mind of Christ: Lesson 1 Page 1

Understanding how to change the quality of one’s life today is the responsibility of the person, believer or nonbeliever.

Understand the mind naturally thinks worldly from birth:
There was a time when it only thought wordly (good)-Gen 2:17,3:5
Adam/Eve decided they wanted to be like God knowing both good and evil-Gen 3:1-7
Because of their new thinking, they didn’t retain the good with the evil-Rom 1:20-25,28, which caused death to pass upon all mankind after the fall of Adam-Rom 5:12,8:6

By Genesis 6, man continually thought evil Gen 6:1-5
All mankind is from Adam’s bloodline, inherited Adam’s traits (including evil thoughts)-Acts 17:24-26
One will keep thinking of the flesh (worldly) because they stay in it mentally-Rom 8:5-8
It conforms naturally to this world-Rom 12:2
And if one conforms to this world they will act and speak according to it-Eph 2:2,3
Including its fables, such as Mickey Mouse-1 Tim 1:3,7,4:7,2 Tim 4:3,4, Titus 1:14, 2 Pet 1:16
Worldly wisdom deceives you, but you don’t know it-Isa 29:13,14, 1 Cor 3:18-21, Gal 6:3
The world with its things, including mankind, passes away-Heb 3:7-19, 1 Jo 2:15-17

When the mind is naturally thinking this way it won’t:
Hear or see God’s word to the point to understand it and change-Isa 6:9,10, Mt 13:14(1-9), Mk 4:1-12, Jo 12:38-40,
Acts 28:23-27, Heb 3:7-19
Accept truth-Isa 29:10, Rom 11:8-10
Change on its own and will stay unchanged (evil one of unbelief)-Heb 3:12,13
Heal itself-Isa 6:9,10, Mt 13:15
It’s not your way or the world’s way, but believing in what Jesus accomplished-Isa 53:1-6
Change from living a religious life, not a worldly one on its own-Isa 29:13,14, Mt 15:1-11, Mk 7:5-13
It won’t control its mouth-Jam 1:26, 3:2-10

The Answer: Lesson 1 Page 2

Change your attitude about who is in control:
God and his word need to be first, in your heart which is the innermost part of the mind-Isa 4:9, 6:1-12
Don’t let the heart be deceived by the mouth, you are in control-Eph 4:29, Jam 1:26
You control the transformation to God’s will-Rom 12:2
You put off the old man’s thoughts-Eph 4:22
You put on the new man thoughts-Col 3:10

Decide not to be self-sufficient, but God-sufficient:
Man thinking worldly thinks he is self-sufficient-Dt 6:10-15
Make no provisions (premeditate) for the flesh -Mt 6:19-34, Lk 12:15-31, Rom 13:14
Be aware of your thinking and do not let it slip back to self-sufficiency thinking-2 Cor 3:5
We have the option not to think worldly, we control that option-Rom 8:5-7,2 Cor 10:3-5

Commit not to be self-thinking, but wordly thinking:
We serve God (not ourselves) for good-Dt 10:10-13
Keep in mind the old man is still present-Rom 7:20-25

Make the word your life, not you your life:
We choose, keep in mind that heart is the mind-Dt 30:15-20
The word can discern your thoughts and the intents of the heart, can’t get around it-Heb 4:12

Change your thinking:
We return to God, not God returning to us-Dt 30:1-8
The word “mind” is referring to thoughts and reasonings-Mt 22:37
Love one God with all your being, not self, heroes, movie and sports stars or cartoon Mickeys-Mk 12:28-34, Lk 10:25-29
JC is our role model, teach this to your kids and yourself-Phil 2:5
Committing to changing your thinking is the first step in changing your life. It isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, but one you stake your life on. Saying you committed and continue thinking and talking the old way is just a religion:
Keep your heart (mind), for what comes out of it is the real you-Prov 4:23,23:7
Out of the heart (mind), the mouth speaks, so listen to what you are saying-Mt 12:31-36,15:11
This is a real commitment in the mind, not religion-Mt 26:36-45
Did Jesus blame the twelve or his relatives for the situation he was in knowing would have to die?-Mk 14:32-42, Lk 22:39-47

Mind Checks: Lesson 1 Page 3

How to recognize thoughts or words that indicate our mind is not changing to what the word tells us is the key to change.

Listen to what you are thinking and saying and replace if bad with the Word’s thoughts and words. Again the person
responsible for your life is “YOU”-Prov 16:9,21-23,19:21,23:7,28:26, Rom 12:2, Eph 4:22-23

Thought patterns to change:
Why did this happen to me?-Prov 18:12, 23:7, 2 Tim 2:23, Tit 3:9
If I had this it would be all right-2 Cor 3:5, Phil 3:3, 1 Jo 2:15-17
I will do this in this situation (prethought)-Prov 3:5,6, 4:12
I don’t feel good this is what I will do (own will)-Prov 4:20-22
Any anxious thoughts about your life-Prov 12:25, Phil 4:6-9
Are you bitter about the past?-Prov 14:10, 1 Cor 13:5
Is your thinking always in the past?-Phil 3:13
When speaking do you use the “I/me” words?-Dt 29:19,20, Prov 15:28
I am a good person and love God-Dt 6:1-6, Prov 20:9,10, Eccl 12:12-14
I know what to do I will________(fill in the blank)-Prov 21:1,2
Wish I had what they have- Prov 23:17, 24:12 
I am too old, too young, too, etc.
I am in control of my life-Ps 21:1,2, Jer 23:17, Gal 3:3
Watch out for a running mind with a babbling mouth-1 Tim 6:4,6:20,21, 2 Tim 2:14-16,2:23, Tit 1:10-13,3:9
That person makes me feel good when he or she talks

The Mind of Christ: Lesson 2 Page 1

Purpose: Now that you have committed to change, be honest with what you are thinking.

So don’t get tricked into thinking you have committed to change when you didn’t.
The natural mind thinks it is good and right. Don’t be tricked this is the real you:
Murmur #1-Ex 15:23-25,Mt 6:25-34
Murmur #2-Ex 16:1-12
Murmur #3, called tempting God-Ex 17:1-7
It wants to take religious action, the feel-good thing-Ex 32:1-28
It is never satisfied and always wants more-Num 11:1-34
It brings up the past and complains about how good it was then and how bad it is now-Num 20:1-11
It blames others for its own problems-Num 21:1-9
It wants what others have regardless of the consequences-Num 25 1-9
Dt 29:19-Thinks you can control your life-Dt 29:19, Ps 21:11
Doesn’t want to accept new info, even if it’s right information-Isa 6:9,10, Mt 13:15, Jo 12:40, Acts 28:26,27
What it thinks is more important than thinking right-Mk 3:1-6
It forgets what the word says is available to do-Mk 6:52
It rationalizes and changes truth-Mk 8:12-21
It won’t believe truth easily-Mk 16:14(2 Kings 17:15)
It wants to speak evil of truth-Acts 19:9
It speaks of self-wisdom and vain reasonings-Rom 1:21,22,1 Cor 3:20, Col 2:18
Rom 1:28-It’s a reprobate (insane) mind-Rom 1:28,2 Cor 13:5-8
It invents (thinks up) evil things-Rom 1:30
Rom 2:3-It judges others-Rom 2:3,15,2 Cor 10:2
It doesn’t want to change-Rom 2:5 (2 Chr 36:13)
It thinks of self and the world-Rom 8:5-8, Phil 3:3,4,19
It produces death and wicked works-Rom 7:21,8:6,Eph 2:3,Col 1:21
It is subject to religion, all groups that want to dictate your life-Rom 8:7
It will think worldly when it’s not thinking wordly-1 Cor 10:1-12
Religion is hard to change-2 Cor 3:14-16,4:4
It thinks he is great when he is nothing according to God-Gal 6:3
It alienates itself from God and God’s life-Eph 4:17,18
It holds worlds traditions that destroy the word-Col 2:8
It will tempt, murmur, and question God-Heb 3:7-19( Ex 17:7, Num 20:13)
God talks, but it goes in one ear and out the other-Heb 4:7(Ps 95:8-11, Jer 7:24,9:13,14)

Old Testament Records: Lesson 2 Page 2

The “king” of hardened hearts: 
Wrong decisions led to destruction, and loss of life-Ex 4:21
It refuses to obey truth-Ex 7:3,4,13,14
Looked to worldly results to take care of the problem he caused by not obeying truth-Ex 7:22
Regardless of the consequences, it won’t change to God’s truth-Ex 8:16-19
Wrong habit patterns are hard to change, it keeps making wrong decisions-Ex 8:32
It sees the truth and it rationalizes or doesn’t come to mental grips with it-Ex 9:6,7
It won’t see the truth, no matter how many times it is shown to him-Ex 9:12
Ex 9:33,34-It looks at worldly negative results (8:15)
Ex 10:1,20,27-Look at the stubbornness to change (11:10)
Ex 14:4-As time goes on, makes worse decisions (14:8,17)
Ex 14: 21-28-The result is death and destruction (Joshua 11:20)
1 Sam 6:6-Stubburness is multiple wrong decisions on the same subject
Dt 15:7-Stops right action (Isa 63:17)
Prov 28:14-It destroys your life (Prov 29:1)
Eze 3:7-Won’t obey God

The Answer: Lesson 2 Page 3

Your thinking mind may battle your change, and you might be confused and won’t feel like doing it.

Understand this is normal and the word calls this your conscience. It is your automatic habit patterns: the real you. You can change it to good, but understand how it is normally bad, how it works, and what you are battling.

The bad conscience:
1Cor 8:7-12-Worlds customs done habitually defile it
I Cor 10:24-31-Same action taken, one called good other called bad (Rom 14:14)
I Tim 4:1-4-Religious customs sear it
Tit 1:14-16-It talks about God, but no action (Lesson 1-2B)
Heb 9:9-Religious ritual can’t change it for the good
Heb 9:14-The old one serves dead works
Heb 10:22-It’s naturally evil
Jam 1:12-17-Don’t let it run on an error, produces death

The good conscience:
Jo 8:1-9-It agrees with truth (3 Jo 2-4)
Acts 23:1-Can live with it well, all the time
Acts 24:16-Good one always is thinking the things of God
Rom 2:15-If good, good will pop up in your mind
Rom 9:1- One that bears witness with Holy Spirit
1 Cor 10:25-29-It’s in control to truth
2 Cor 1:12-It’s a testimony of the real you
2 Cor 4:2-You set truth to other people’s conscience
2 Cor 5:11-Truth appears in it which God knows
1 Tim 1:5-Need a good one to live love, doing the word
1 Tim 1:19-It needs to be held mentally to keep it good
1 Tim 3:9-It needs to be pure to hold right believing
1 Tim 4:1,2-It doesn’t play with horoscopes, tarot cards, ouija boards, etc
2 Tim 1:3-If pure, it thinks the best about people
Heb 9:14-Don’t complain, just change to serve God
Heb10:2-This is thinking no evil, evil won’t pop up in it
Heb10:22-Want a good heart, have a good conscience
Heb 13:18-It’s willing to live honestly
1 Pet 2:19-It’s one that looks toward God, not man
1 Pet 3:16-Your speech even won’t speak evil
1 Pet 3:21-Have it also toward God (1 Pet 2:19)

How to set the mind:
1) Set up a standard (Eph 5:11) for your thinking:
2 Chr 11:16-Successful people who did (19:3,20:3, 30:19, Ezra 7:10, Dan 9:3)
2 Chr 12:14-People who didn’t
Josh 1:7,8-24 hours a day you think word, not world
Ps 101:3-Don’t put wicked things before your eyes, in your mind
Rom 8:5-8-This is the boundaries of your thinking
2 Cor 10:3-5-Takes constant thinking what you are thinking
Is it over and above what the word says?
Is it opposite the word?
Eph 4:14-You should not be affected by what the world thinks
2 Tim 3:16,17-If you want to be successful this is the only way to think
2) Fix the mind on God and His word:
Ps 57:7-Mind is fixed on God, not you (Ps 108:1)
Ps 112:7,8-If you do, you will have no fear
Isa 26:3-If you do, you will have perfect peace
Mt 6:19-34-No anxiety over worldly stuff (Lk 12:16-31)
Rom 12:1,2-Than why are you still thinking of the world-Eph 4:22, Col 3:9
Rom 12:1,2-Put on the new mind (Rom 13:14, 2 Cor 5:17, Eph 4:22-24, Col 3:8-10)
1 Cor 7:37-You have power over your own will
1 Cor 15:2-Keep in memory the word
2 Cor 4:16-It’s a daily changing
Gal 6:3,4-You test your thinking, Is it the word? (1 Th 5:18-23)
Gal 6:9,10-Don’t let your mind faint on doing word (2 Cor 9:8, Eph 2:10,4:28,6:8,
Phil 2:13,14,Col 1:10,2 Tim 2:20,21,Tit 3:8,14,Heb 13:20,21)
Phil 4:6-8-If your thoughts aren’t focused on these Godly things, you will have problems
Col 3:2-Get the point, it’s on things of God, not you!
2 Th 2:15-We become steadfast in holding the word in it (Tit 1:9)
Heb 3:6-We hold the truth in our thoughts until the return of JC
Heb 10:23-Holding God’s thoughts aren’t wavering, doubting, and questioning the truth
Heb 12:13-Lay aside worldly worry 1st, then the answer comes-Jam 1:21,1 Pet 1:1,2
3) Speak the word to yourself and others:
Josh 1:8-The word doesn’t depart out of your mouth
Ps 15:2-Speak word to your mind, not the world’s words
Eph 4:15-Speak the truth in love (which is the word, but emotions)-1 Tim 2:7
Eph 4:29-31-Listen to what comes out, compare with the word (Col 3:8,9,16,17)
4) Mentally bury the past:
Rom 6:6-8-The old man is gone so why let it back into your thinking?
2 Cor 5:17-That old man has passed away, all things are new (Eph 4:22,23)
Phil 3:13-Your thoughts are in the present looking forward, not in the past 
5) Avoid people who do things contrary to the word:
Prov 14:7-10-Don’t be around fools
Rom 16:17,18-That serve the world
Eph 5:6-Their words are vain and deceptive
Col 2:4-Their nice words entice you, and you think how great they are (pop culture, ads, social media, etc.)
Col 2:8-They spoil you through philosophy, traditions of men, and rules of the world (Col 2:20-22)
1 Th 2:5-Speak flattering words that aren’t true, they want something back
2 Tim 3:1-9-Too many to list
2 Pet 3:17-They lead you away from the truth with their error, called religion
6) Now go to God for the answers needed via HS or the written word:
1 Cor 12:7-11-The ways to obtain information from God (via Holy Spirit)
Gal 5:16-25-The profit of living life via the Holy Spirit
Phil 3:15-God knows more than we, so take advantage of His knowledge
Phil 4:6-How we should handle all situations
Jam 1:5-8-When we don’t know, ask God not man’s opinions
Jam 1:21-His knowledge is received with meekness, so learn meekness opposite of self
7) After you have the right information in a situation, act rightly:
Lk 8:15-It’s in the mind 1st, then your actions, are according to your thoughts
Gal 6:8,9-Spiritual knowledge is what we want to act on (via Holy Spirit and written word)
Phil 4:9-Action on truth produces a peaceful life
Col 3:17-We do it in the name of JC, not our name (Col 3:23)
Jam 1:22-25-Don’t be tricked into not doing the truth, you deceive yourself

Mind Check: Lesson 2 Page 4

To change a hardened heart (mind) to a good one regardless of what is coming out of your mind in thoughts and words at the time knowing it is your responsibility to replace each bad thought with a Godly thought that applies to the situation: It will Change.
Ps 119:11-We hide the word which produces good actions
Prov 2:1-12-If we do, we will find God’s knowledge and His deliverance
Prov 3:1-3-If you do think the word, it is long life (4:4-6)
Prov 4:23-We do the keeping of our thoughts (6:20-22,7:1-4,22:17,23:12,26)
Prov 14:33-You want Godly wisdom in, not the world’s
Prov 23:19-We are responsible to guide our thoughts, don’t blame others

Our mental blueprint is the mind of Christ. He controlled his mind to the end
to succeed and overcome every situation he faced (Scriptures are in chronological order).
For as he suffered in his life, we are to arm ourselves with that same mind (1 Peter 4:1).
And as God protected Jesus in all situations, we also will be protected (Mt 8:28-32
Lk 2:40-52-First he learned what and how to think (Lk 1:80, John did the same)
Mt 4:1-10-Confronted by the devil, wild beasts, no food 40 for days. Tempted with self-preservation, suicide, worship, recognition, and greed (Mk 1:12, LK 4:1-13)
Jo 2:13-22-Confronted religious leaders and their dollars and talked of his death (1st mention)
Jo 2:24,25-He knew to not trust in mankind
Jo 5:16-47-They tried to kill him, he answered with the word, and he left town
Lk 4:23-30-After telling people he could heal them, they tried to kill him, and couldn’t
Mt 12:14,15-He knew they wanted to kill him, went to the right place (Mk 3:6,7, Lk 6:11)
Mt 12:22-50-Confronted by religious leaders and relatives (Mk 3:20-35)
Mt 8:23-27-Controlled a hurricane, didn’t drown  (Mk 4:36-41, Lk 8:22-25)
Jo 6:15-He knew beforehand they would take him by force, left the scene
Mt 14:23-33-He walked on water and calmed the sea (Mk 46-52, Jo 6:16-21)
Jo 6:51-59-Controlled his mind and spoke truth concerning his death/resurrection (8:28,10:11-18, Lk 18:31-34)
Mt 16:21-28-He understood his destiny, and mental control (Mk 8:31-38, Lk 9:18-27)
Mt 17:10-12-He understood his future suffering (Mk 9:9-13)
Jo 7:1-He knew where to go not to be killed
Jo 7:6-10-He took a different route to the feast or was camouflaged?
Jo 7:11-30-While he taught they called him man, did he have a mask on?
Jo 7:44-They just couldn’t lay hands on him (8:20)
Jo 8:28-Spoke truth always did his Father’s will
Jo 8:59-They tried to stone him, but either lousy aim or they couldn’t throw (10:31-39)
Jo 10:11-18-Spoke truth he had the power to lay his life down and take it up again
Jo 11:1-11-He went at the right time (2 days) after Lazarus’s death
Mt 20:17-19-Dealt with rejection from his people (Mk 10:32-34, Lk:22-25)
Lk 18:31-34-Spoke truth to the 12 about his death
Lk 19:47,48-They just couldn’t figure out how to kill him
Jo 12:23-37-When it was time to leave the area and be safe, he did
Mt 21:10-16-Threw money changers and goods out, yet it was the right action (Mk 11:15-19, Lk 19:45,46)
Mt 21:45,46-They just couldn’t take him still, why? (Mk 12:12, Lk 20:19)
Mt 26:2-13-Spoke truth about his dead body being anointed for burial (Mk 14:3-9)
Mt 26:4-6-Again they tried to kill him and couldn’t (Mk 14:1,2)
John 13:1-He knew the time of his execution
Mt 20:26-29-Talked about giving his life a ransom for many (Mk 14:22-25, Lk 22:15-20)
Communion is how we remember his ransom for many (1 Cor 10:16,11:23-30)
Mt 26:31-35-Spoke about how the 12 would leave him and corrected Peter with the word (Mk 14:26-31)
Mt 26:37-45-Ultimate control of mind, doing God’s will facing death (Mk 14:32-41, Lk 22:40-46, Heb 5:7,8)
Mt 26:46-57-Now he allowed them to arrest him (Mk 14:43-53,Lk 22:47-54, Jo 18:1-13)
Jo 18:19-24-1st mock trial by Annas, he controlled his mind and thoughts after being hit in the face
Mt 26:57-68-2nd mock trial by Caiaphas, he was blindfolded, spit on, slapped, and hit in the face, but he controlled his mind and the situation (Mk 14:53-65, Lk 22:63-65)
Lk 22:66-71-3rd mock trial by the religious leaders, they condemned him, he answered with the word
Lk 23:2-7-4th mock trial by Pilate (Jo 18:29-38)
Lk 23:7-12-5th mock trial by Herod then they brought him back to Pilate
Mt 27:11-26-6th mock trial by Pilate, he was sentenced to death, scourged (beaten), the crown of thorns put on
head and was hit with their fists, a cakewalk mentally!! (Mk 15:1-15,Lk 23:13-25,Jo 18:39-19:16)
Mt 27:26-31-The whole band of soldiers tortured him (Mk 15:15-20)
Mt 27:39-45-Mocked by people, priests, scribes and elders(Mk 15:27-33,Lk 23:34-44)
Mt 27:45-51-His death (Mk 15:33-38, Lk 23:44-46, Jo 19:25-30)JC’s mind after his resurrection was the same as it was before, taught the word:
Lk 24:25-Jesus taught they should have believed with the heart (mind) the word
Mk 16:14-Jesus taught hard heart (mind) causes unbelief of truth

Jesus knew other people’s thoughts so he could live life abundantly:
Jo 2:24-He Knew what was in the minds of men (all, sin nature)
Mt 9:1-6-Religion stops the word from living, mankind’s health (Mk 2:1-12, Lk 5:17-25)
Mt 12:9-15-Knew they would try to kill him, left-right time (Mk 3:1-7, Lk 6:6-11)
Mt 12:22-25-Knew their thoughts, answered with the word
Jo 6:15-Knew beforehand, left at the right time, and went to the right place, safety
Jo 6:41-44-Knew their murmurs, answered with the word
Jo 6:61-64-Jesus knew from the beginning who would betray him
Mt 16:1-12-Knew the evil intents of the religious leaders, taught the 12 (Mk 8:15-21)
Mk 9:33-37-Knew what the 12 were arguing about (Mt 18:1-6, Lk 9:46-48)
Lk 11:14-28- Knew the religious leader’s evils thoughts
Jo 12:34-37-Why did he hide from them at that time?
Mt 22:15-22-Knew evil intent, answered with the word (Mk 12:15-17, Lk 20:19-26)
Jo 16:19-Knew the thoughts of what they wanted to ask beforehand
Lk 24:34-41-After his resurrection from the dead, he knew what was in their minds

How Jesus taught his mind to others:
Jo 5:30-You seek God’s will, not your own
Jo 5:37,38-You need God’s word living in you
Mt 5:28-If lust, over desire, is in the mind, you already committed lust
Mt 6:19-34-What to think and not to think, it molds the mind-6:21, Lk12:34 (Lk 12:16-34)
Mt 7:15-20-Speech, actions over time come from the heart (mind), it’s the real you (Lk 6:41-46)
Mt 12:33-37-Some people falsify their speech, but over time the truth will come out (1 Jo 3:20)
Mk 3:5-A hard heart (mind) stops you from doing the word (Mt 19:8, Mk 6:52,8:17,10:5,16:14,1 Jo 12:40)
Mt 13:1-23-People see and hear the word but don’t understand the mind (Mk 4:1-20,8:17,18, Lk 8:4-15)
Mt 13:19-The word needs to be understood to stay in the mind (Mk 4:15)
Lk 8:12-If the word doesn’t stay in the mind you can’t believe it
Mt 13:21-The word needs time in the mind, tribulation, persecution, and temptations stop it (Mk 4:16,17, Lk 8:13)
Mt 13:23-The word stays in the mind, but we get tricked by the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, lusts, and pleasures of this life choke the word and in time we lose in our minds (Mk 4:18,19, Lk 8:14)
Mt 13:23-You hear the word, receive it with an honest, understanding, and good heart (mind), and need to keep the word with patience for it to bear fruit in your everyday life (Mk 4:20, Lk 8:15)
Mt 9:20-22-A woman was healed after 12 years, she mentally got to the point to believe in Jesus without
fear and was healed (Mk 5:25-34, Lk 8:12,43-48)
Mt 9:18,19,23-25-Includes raising children from the dead but it takes the believing of the parents (Mk 5:22-24,
35-43, Lk 8:41,42,49-56)
Mt 13:54-58-Told them the reason not many healed, their unbelief (Mk 6:1-6, Lk 8:12)
Mt 10:16-20,27-Taught how the mind receives revelation, no premeditated thought (Mk 13:11, Lk 11:13,
Mk 14:13-20-Jesus taught Holy Spirit and how it works in the mind (Jo:15:26,27,16:7,13)
Mt 15:1-20-What is in the heart (inner part of the mind) defiles you, this is different than the part of the mind where thoughts come in and can be controlled and kicked out

Here are two parts of the mind that deal with thoughts.

He taught it from the negative referring back to the religious leaders (Mk 7:1-23)
Mt 18:35-True forgiveness is from the heart of the mind, not the mouth
Lk 10:25-28-Shows there are 2 parts to the mind and to love God needs both
Mt 6:22,33-The eye is the doorway of your mind, watch what goes in (Lk 11:34-36)
Lk 12:11,12-Don’t mull over a situation in your mind, won’t receive the right info
Jo 12:36-40-A hardened heart stops you from believing miracles (Isa 6:9,10, Mk 16:11-14, Lk 24:6-25,
Acts 28:26,27, Rom 11:8-10)
Mt 21:19-22-Doubting God’s word in the mind stops believing action (Mt 11;13,20-26)
Mt 14:31-Doubting God in times of danger (Lk 12:29)
Mt 22:35-39-Taught 2 parts to the mind (heart and mind) with strength refers to living life, To do God’s love – we need all three (Mk 12:29-34, Lk 20:23)
Mt 23:25-28-Religious leaders’ actions and words can be false, the real you is what’s in your mind (Mt 15:8,9, Mk 7:6-8,
Lk 11:39)
Lk 21:34-The heart (mind) gets messed up with lusts and cares of the world
Jo 14:1,2,27-Believing God’s word about Jesus stops a troubled, fearful mind (Lk 24:33-45, Jo 20:24-31,
Rom 10:9,10) 

Then know the answer will come (see focus #3 above), 3 scriptures below should be the focus or how to do it along with 3 above

2 Th 2:15-17-If we hold the word or the Epistles, good work and words are established
Phile 6-If good is in, let it out, speak it
3 Jo 11-Follow good not evil

The life of Jesus (scriptures are in chronological order)

Overall Life (chronology section 1)

Mt 1:18-25,Lk 1:26-28,1:41-47, 2:17-19 (2:9-15),2:25-39- His birth as the son of God
Mt 1:18-25,2:12-14,2:19-23, Lk 1:11-20,1:26-38, 2:9-15, 2:25-36-Rev about his birth
27- Lk 2:40-52-First he learned what and how to think (Lk 1:80, John did the same)
32- Matt 4:1-10, Mk 1:12, Lk 4:1-13-Confronted by the devil, wild beasts, no food 40 days. Tempted with self-preservation, suicide, worship, recognition, and greed
John 2:13-22-Confronted religious dollars and talked of his death (1st mention)-
John 2:24,25-He knew not to trust in mankind
 John 5:16-47-They tried to kill him, he answered with the word, and he left town
Lk 4:23-30-After telling people he could heal them, they tried to kill him, and couldn’t
Matt 12:14,15, Mk 3:6,7, Lk 6:11-knew they wanted to kill him, went to the right place
Matt 12:22-50, Mk 3:20-35-Confronted by religious leaders and relatives
Matt 8:23-27, Mk 4:36-41, Lk 8:22-25-Controlled a hurricane, didn’t drown
John 6:15-He knew beforehand they would take him by force, left the scene
Matt 14:23-33, Mk 6:46-52, John 6:16-21-He walked on water and calmed the sea
John 6:51-59-Controlled his mind and spoke truth concerning his death/resurrection
Matt 16:21-28,Mk 8:31-38, Lk 9:18-27-He understood his destiny (mental control)
Matt 17:10-12, Mk 9:9-13-
John 7:1-He changed places not to be killed
John 7:6-10-He took a different route to the feast or was camouflaged?
John 7:11-30-While he taught they called him man, did he have a mask on?
John 7:44-They just couldn’t lay hands on him, did they try, John 8:20- 
John 8:28-
John 8:59-They tried to stone him, but either lousy aim or they couldn’t throw
John 10:11-18-Teaching in the Synagogue
John 10:31-39-They tried to  stone him
John 11:1-11-He went at the right time (2 days) after Lazarus’s death
Matt 20:17-19, Mk 10:32-34, Lk 17:22-25-Dealt with rejection from his own people
Lk 18:31-34-See 91
Lk 19:47,48-Just couldn’t figure out how to kill him
John 12:23-37-When it was time to leave and be safe he did
Matt 21:10-16, Mk 11:15-19, Lk 19:45,46-Threw stuff around and was upset, yet it had to be right for him to do it (rev)
Matt 21:45,46, Mk 12:12, Lk 20:19-They just couldn’t take him, why?
Matt 26:2-13, Mk14:3-9-See 91 (1 Peter 2:24)-see 39
Matt 26:4-6, Mk 4:1,2-Again they try to kill him and can’t
John 13:1-He knew the time of his execution
Matt 20:26-29, Mk 14:22-25, Lk 22:15-20-Talked about his body and what it meant to mankind (1 Cor 10:16, 11:23-30)
Matt 26:31-35, Mk 14:26-31-See 91, plus corrects Peter with the word
Matt 26:37-45, Mk 14:32-41, Lk 22:40-46-Ultimate control of mind to do God’s will-Heb 5:7,8
Matt 26:46-57, Mk 14:43-53, Lk 22:47-54, John 18:1-13-He allowed them to take him
John 18:19-24-1st mock trial (Annas) controlled his mind, and thoughts hit in the face
Matt 26:57-68, Mk 14:53-65, Lk 22:63-65-2nd mock trial(Caiaphas), blindfolded, spit on, slapped, and hit in the face (look at mind control)
Lk 22:66-71-3rd mock trial (religious leaders) they condemn, he answers word
Lk 23:2-7, John 18:29-38-4th mock trial (Pilate)-
Lk 23:7-12-5th mock trial(Herod)-Back to Pilate
Matt 27:11-26, Mk 15:1-15, Lk 23:13-25, John 18:39-19:16-6th mock trial (Pilate)

Jesus was sentenced to death, scourged, a crown of thorns placed on his head, and hit with their fists:
Matt 27:26-31, Mk 15:15-20-A whole band of soldiers tortured him
Matt 27:39-45, Mk 15:27-33, Lk 23:34-44-Mocked by people, priests, scribes, elders
Matt 27:45-51, Mk 15:33-38, Lk 23:44-46, John 19:25-30-His death

Jesus’ mind after his resurrection was the same as before, he taught the word:
Lk 24:25-They should have believed with the heart (mind) the word
Mk 16:14-Taught hard heart(mind) causes unbelief of truth

End of section one chronology


Jesus knew other people’s thoughts so he could live life abundantly (new chronology section 2):
John 2:24-He knew what was in the minds of men (all, sin nature)
Matt 9:1-6, Mk 2:1-12, Lk 5:17-25-Religion stops the word from living (man’s health)
Matt 12:9-15, Mk 3:1-7, Lk 6:6-11-Knew they would try to kill him, left-right time
Matt 12:22-25-Knew their thoughts, answered with the word
John 6:15-Knew beforehand, left at the right time and went to the right place
John 6:41-44-Knew their murmurs, answered with the word
John 6:61-64-Jesus knew from the beginning who would betray him
Matt 16:1-12, Mk 8:15-21-Knew their evil intent, taught them more
Matt 18:1-6,Mk 9:33-37, Lk 9:46-48- “
Lk 11:14-28- “
John 12:34-37-Why did he hide from them at that time?
Matt 22:15-22, Mk 12:15-17, Lk 20:19-26-Knew evil intent, answered with the word
John 16:19-Knew their thoughts of what they wanted to ask beforehand
Lk 24:34-41-After his resurrection from the dead, he knew what was in their minds

End of section two chronology


How Jesus taught his mind to others (new chronology section 3):
John 5:30-You seek God’s will, not your own
John 5:37,38-You need God’s word living in you
Matt 5:28-If lust (over desire) is in the mind you committed lust
Matt 6:19-34, Lk 12:16-34-What to think, not think on (molds mind- 6:21, Lk12:34)
Matt 7:15-20-Speech, actions over time come from the heart (mind), the real you
Lk 6:41-46- “
Matt 12:33-37 (1 John 3:20)- “
Mk 3:5-A hard heart (mind) stops you from doing the word-Matt 19:8, Mk 6:52,
8:17, 10:5, 16:14, John 12:40
Matt 13:1-23, Mk 4:1-20, Lk 8:4-15-People can see and hear the word but don’t understand in the heart (mind) and are not healed-Mk 8:17,18
The word needs to be understood to stay in the mind-Matt 13:19, Mk 4:15
If the word doesn’t stay in the mind you can’t believe it-Lk 8:12
The word needs time in the mind, tribulation, and persecution destroy smart 13:21, Mk 4:16,17, Lk 8:13 (adds temptations)
The word is controlled to stay in it by the person. But we get tricked by the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, lusts, and pleasures of life
choke the word in your life and you lose it-Matt 13:22, Mk 4:18,19, Lk 8:14
You hear the word, receive it with an honest, understanding, and good heart (mind), and keep the word with patience for it to bear fruit in your everyday life 13:23, Mk 4:20, Lk 8:15
78- Matt 9:22, Mk 5:34, Lk 8:48-Retaught Lk 8:12, but here where made whole
Matt 9:22, Lk 8:50-Retaught Lk 8:12, but don’t have fear, believe the word in the situation
Matt 9: 28-30- “
Matt 13:54-58, Mk 6:1-6-Told them the reason not many healed (unbelief-Lk 8:12)
Matt 10:16-20,27-Taught how the mind receives revelation-Mk 13:11, Lk 11:13
Matt 15:1-20, Mk 7:1-23-What is in the heart (inner part of the mind) defiles you. This differs from the part of the mind where thoughts come in and can be controlled and kicked out.