Russia Vs. Ukraine, “The Intro” #1

How would have the Head Coach dealt with this invasion?

Please see the contact information for Churches in Ukraine which have live websites you can contact for information about family and friends at the end of this post

How would have the Head Coach dealt with this invasion?

After assessing the playing field and the enemy, he would prepare a game plan. This game plan didn’t occur during his lifetime but did occur after he was raised from the dead

One of the world’s teammates, named Saul tried to wipe out the head coach’s fans (later this same man was renamed, Paul). His game plan was to threaten, persecute, beat, arrest, and jail both men and women, separate families, and kill people.  This game of war played out in Acts 9:1-19, 22:4-16, 26:9-19
  • Saul started the game on offense chasing down the head coach’s fans as he went door to door to destroy them and their families – Acts 9:1,2, 22:4,5, 26:9-11
  • Along the way, he was confronted and blinded by the head coach who asked Saul, “why do you persecute me?” – Acts 9:3,4,22:6-8, 26:12-14
  • At this point the game was over, would the head coach kill him or would Saul change his game plan. To the benefit of mankind, he changed and became one of the head coach’s greatest assistants – Acts 9:5-9, 22:9-11, 26:15,16
  • The head coach told Saul, something that had been hidden from the beginning of time. He would send him to the Gentile nations to bring the new birth to them – Acts 26:17-19 (Romans 16:25-called the mystery)
  • Then the head coach sprang into action and sent Ananias one of his fans who told Saul to receive his sight and to be filled with Holy Spirit. And He told Saul that he would be a chosen vessel for him teaching other fans – Acts 9:10-18, 22:12-16
The rest is history, after his name change to Paul, he wrote letters (the game plan for life) for all fans called the Church Epistles (Romans through 2 Thessalonians). The head coach’s game plan can be summed up as follows, Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health – John 3:2  

List of churches in the Ukraine and contact information

As a Biblical healing Directory, we tried to include a listing of Churches and their websites in Ukraine which you can access for information on family and friends in the church’s area. Click here to view a List of Cathedrals in Ukraine,(they are located at the bottom of the page). The source is Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  

You can find the websites on the first page of the cathedral list under “Main Cathedrals of Confessions”, just click on the name. Then go to the right side of the page first where a map of the church is located, usually, they list the website there or look for a note that gives you external links, the website is usually below that heading 

This list is not complete, nice, or neat, but it is functional, and will be pretty later, “Pray for Peace”!  

Now back to the post-game press conference

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