How Israel(IDF) can defeat Hamas – Part 2 

The second thing God mentions in Gen 15:1 after he told Abraham to be fearless was he would be his protector, defeat his enemies, and be his enforcer


Throughout history, God has been sending his people the same message


I am your shield, your protector. Ephesians 6:16 tells us, above all, we are to take on the shield of believing, wherewith we shall be able to quench all(not some, or even one) the fiery darts of the wicked. Today, God gives believers His spirit that gives them the same ability to know the information on what action they need to take to defeat their enemies and keep them safe from harm

  • God’s shield kept David from violence – 2 Sam 22:1-4

  • God’s shield was David’s protector as he pursued his enemies, destroying and consuming those who hated him. The enemy was fallen and subdued under his feet. He beat them as small as the dust of the earth, stamp them as the mire of the street, and did spread them abroad(pretty graphic victory, why not today? -22:43) – 2 Sam 22:33-43

  • David wrote some of the Psalms that included God’s shield – Ps 3:3(was his glory), 5:12(he would be favored), 18:35(was his salvation), 28:7(was his strength), 33:20(was his help-35:2), 59:11(defeats his enemies), 144:2(was his goodness, fortress, Hightower, and deliverer)  


David’s home was in Jerusalem, and his enemies were from around Jerusalem. Those nations were Edom(Jordan), Moab(Jordan), the Ammonites(Jordan), the Philistines(Gaza strip), and the Amalekites(southern Israel). Today, Israel is fighting Hamas, where David fought the Philistines; the results should be the same!

In “How Israel(IDF) Can Defeat Hamas” – Part 1, God told Abraham to “fear not,” meaning not to have fear and, at the same time, be obedient to what he wanted him to do. Then, He would be his shield and reward his people exceedingly; it’s greater than “Powerball”

He was Abraham’s exceeding great reward. God is the great compensator who pays us in full for believing in him and doing what he tells us to do to be victorious. A great example is how Ezra and Nehemiah listened to God in every detail: what they should do, who to go to, and what to say; that led to their complete victory over their enemy

  • Nehemiah rebuilt the wall, finishing it around 454 BC – Neh 6:15

  • Zerubbabel(3:2) rebuilt the temple started in 425 BC and was finished around 407 BC – Ezra 6:7-15

  • Jerusalem was repopulated by King Artaxerxes of Persia and his priest Ezra around 404 BC – Ezra 7:6-10

The source for the dates was from the Companion Bible “APPENDIX” 58

God was Ezra’s and Nehimiah’s great rewarder; the hand of the Lord was upon them for 54 yearsLet this sink in; for 54 years, they listened to and obeyed God!

  • Ezra 7:6-The king granted all that Ezra requested(God told him, and he obeyed)

  • Ezra 7:9 – When Ezra traveled from Babylon to Jerusalem(God protected him and kept him safe)

  • Ezra 7:28 – God strengthed Ezra’s chief men(a congress that probably had a 100 % approval rating, not like ours at 10%)

  • Ezra 8:18 – God supplies intelligent people(not the numb numbs) to help Ezra

  • Ezra 8:22 – God’s hand is upon all them for good that seek him. His power and wrath are against all that forsake him 

  • Ezra 8:31 -God deliveries them from their enemy and the ones that were trying to ambush his army on the way

  • Neh 1:10 – God will redeem his people by His great power and strong hand

  • Neh 2:8 – The King gave Nehemiah all he needed to rebuild the wall (again, God told him, and he obeyed)

  • God strengthened the people to rebuild the wall in 52 days, not five years, to fill a pot whole!

Why was Ezra blessed by God (His winning formula for success)?

Ezra prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord(Its statutes and judgments), to do it, and to teach it – Ezra 7:10

In a negative sense, people who take rewards for killing innocent people are cursed. Hamas killing children for money is a great example – Dt 27:25  

People, nations (Iran), or a group of people (Hamas, Chicago gangs, or other terrorist groups) are damned for killing or injuring innocent blood, which includes children

  • Dt 19:10 – God tells Israel not to shed innocent blood on their land

  • Dt 19:13 – The ones that did were to be put away (destroyed) – Dt 21:8,9

  • 1 Ki 2:31 – David’s captain of the host(his army, Joab kills Absalom, Abner, and Amasa. He shed innocent blood, and Solomon had him executed (1 Ki 2:28-34)

  • 2 Ki 21:16-18 – King Manasseh did all evil, perversion, and witchcraft and was a murderer, even sacrificing his sons to a pagan god called Moloch(Lev 20:2-5, Israel also killed their children to the idols of Canaan-Ps 106:34-42) ). Jesus was the ultimate shedding of innocent blood, but children would be a close 2nd(Mt 27:4)

  • 2 King 24:3-6 – Manasseh and King Jehoiakim killed innocent blood to the point it filled Jerusalem, and both died. The Lord didn’t pardon them; he just removed them out of his sight (killed them)!

  • Isa 59:7,8 – The ones that do shed innocent blood don’t know the ways of peace, so stop getting sucked in by their words(the left). Their minds only think of coveteousness, oppression, and violence – Jer 22:17

  • Jer 26:12-15 – Jeremiah explains if they kill him, they will bring the results of killing innocent blood upon themselves, their city, and all the people of that city. If they don’t change their ways, God will bring all the evil upon them, not man(26:13)

The last usage of shedding innocent blood should be the end of Hamas and the terrorist countries that are attacking the people of Israel. 

  • Joel 3:19, 20 – Judas shall dwell forever and Jerusalem from generation to generation. Eygpt and Edom(land south and southeast of Palestine, descendants of Esau) shall be a desolation (devastation, wasteland) because they did shed innocent blood

Why the war is not working out today like God would have it to

God has promised in his word to destroy the enemy without casualties (2 Sam 22:33-43-this leaves no question what God’s will is), then don’t get sucked in by a cease-fire until the destroying the enemy is complete (Egypt is proposing a two-nation solution with a 3rd party government board made up of “quote experts to make decisions about the future of Israel’s people future as of 12/25/23). Appeasement is not doing “God’s will” and will end up in the defeat of Israel!

What Israel has forgotten is how to be fearless; the result is God is not their shield, and he isn’t rewarding them (Gen 15:1)

  1. The nations of the world, including the US, are putting pressure on Israel and its people before they can destroy the enemy to have a cease-fire(this is building fear). According to God’s word, if they allow the enemy to live, they will strike again and kill more of Israel’s citizens, including children. This leads to not defeating the enemy according to God’s word and brings destruction upon yourselves(Num 14:39-45, Dt 1:40-42, Dt 2:14-16, 1 Sam 15:1-3, Ps 106:34-42)

  2. Wrong mental thinking leads to God not being able to be Israel’s shield, protector, and enforcer. Throughout history in the Old Testament, the kings fought wars either with God or without him fighting for them; Israel today is starting to fight this war without him

  3. At this time, does it look like we can say God is rewarding his people exceedingly? Is God’s hands upon all them for good that seek him? Is God’s power and wrath against Hamas? The answer is no, but it should be. Israel is handcuffing God because they are not listening to him. Why were 1200 plus people killed, including children? If God’s hands were on Israel, would this abomination have happened?

To sum it all up

Listening to what the world thinks or what they would do to Israel if they don’t agree to a cease-fire has caused fear in Israel; one could say it’s an “us against the world mentality.” It is hard to make a mental change of mind to be fearless, listen to, and obey what God is telling them to do and do it. At the same time, shut out the information of what the world says you should be listening to and doing

To defeat Hamas, Israel must become fearless and, at the same time, believe God is their shield (defender, protector, and enforcer); the battle is God’s, not theirs. Being in God’s hands allows Him to eradicate their enemy and keep all the people of Israel safe and out of harm’s way – 2 Sam 22:1-3, 33-43, including children

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